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Saving retail traders from self-destruction
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2024-02-04 15:41:58
The Piercing Pattern Trading Strategy Guide

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2024-02-03 15:29:17
11 Trading Lessons I’ve Learned From 11 Years Of Trading

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2024-02-03 04:01:24 [Be realistic and know that you won’t make money every day]

Here’s the thing:

A trading strategy seeks to exploit certain market conditions in order to profit from it.

(For example, Trend Following makes money when many markets are trending together.)

But as you know, the markets are always changing. One moment it could be trending, the next, it could be ranging.

In other words, you’ll make money when market conditions are favourable to you.

When it isn’t, your trading strategy will lose money—which explains why you won’t make money every day (as market conditions change).
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2024-02-02 04:01:35 Trading doesn't offer a fixed monthly income.

But it can give you the freedom to earn much more if you're willing to put in the work and take calculated risks.
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2024-02-01 15:30:35
Do you want to read the price action of the markets like a professional trader?

Then download a FREE copy of The Ultimate Guide to Price Action Trading.

You’ll learn how to better time your entries, “predict” marketing turning points, identify explosive breakout trades about to happen, and much more…

Click the link below and grab your copy, it’s free!
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2024-02-01 04:00:07 [To be a pro trader, you must be willing to get your hands dirty]


Just because you came up with a hypothesis to your question, doesn’t mean it’s correct.

That’s why as a professional trader, it’s your job to validate your trading ideas (or hypothesis).

You’ve got to get your hands dirty and do the work like backtesting, forward testing, etc.

For example, you might wonder:

“Is a 10-week breakout better than a 50-week breakout in terms of returns relative to risk?”

Well, to find out you can do a backtest across a universe of stocks using these two parameters, and see which offers a better result.

To make your life easier, here are some tools you can use for backtesting…

Amibroker – A backtesting platform

Norgate Data – Data feed

Upwork – A marketplace to find programmers

Still, most of you won’t do it because it’s easier to solicit an opinion than to actually do the work.

The problem is, you’ll never know if it’s true, or not—that’s why you must be willing to get your hands dirty and do the work!
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2024-01-31 15:25:08
7 Best Practice In Your First Year Of Trading

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2024-01-31 04:00:00 Most broke people can't be successful traders.

The desperate need to make money often repels the very thing you seek.

Get a job first, build a solid foundation and then figure out trading.

Go slow to go far.
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2024-01-30 04:00:00 [To be a pro trader, you must think independently]

One of the reasons why most traders fail is because they ask questions like these…

• Is exponential or simple moving average better?
• Should I buy Tesla stock right now or wait for a pullback?
• What is the best RSI setting?

You’re probably wondering:

“What’s wrong with it?”

Well, it’s a sign you cannot think independently. It shows you want to be spoon-fed so you can skip the “work” and go straight to profits.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.


Because in trading, there’s no such thing as “best”.

What’s “best” for me might not be right for you because of our different goals, timeframe, personality, etc.


If you want to succeed in trading (or in business), you must have the ability to think independently.

So instead of asking “what” or “when” questions, learn to ask…


This means you want to ask questions like:

• Why did he apply this trading strategy only to the stock markets and not FX?
• Why did he use a 200-day moving average as a trend filter?
• Why did he use a 40% trailing stop loss?

Do you see the difference?
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2024-01-29 04:00:00 No trading guru can make you a profitable trader.

But your attitude, mindset, and perseverance will.
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