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Telegram stands for freedom and privacy and has many easy to use features.

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2021-04-12 16:08:04 Telegram Tips are available in 7 other languages – with more to come in the future. 😈

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2021-04-06 18:04:21
Invite Speakers and Listeners to Voice Chats. Admins in voice chats can share specific invite links that let users instantly join with speaking privileges or with their mic muted.

Listeners can raise their hand at any time to ask admins for the ability to speak.
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2021-04-04 09:58:51
Broadcast Groups. Groups that are close to 200k members can convert to a Broadcast Group with no member limit.

After converting the group, only admins can send messages but all members can read along and participate in voice chats.
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2021-04-03 10:13:58
Groups. Up to 200,000 people can talk, text and share media in group chats.

Groups can be private or public and offer powerful admin tools to manage discussions of any size. In Broadcast Groups, the number of read-only members is unlimited.

To see what your community thinks about hot topics or current events, try creating a poll or starting a voice chat.
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2021-03-31 12:54:46
Record Voice Chats. Admins can tap Start Recording to save audio from voice chats.

The audio file is instantly sent to the admin’s Saved Messages chat, ready to share with their audience.
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2021-03-30 19:28:07
Chat List Swipe Gestures. In Settings, Android users can assign a specific action to swiping left in the chat list – like mute, pin, delete, archive or mark as read.

By default, iOS users can swipe right to pin or mark as read, and swipe left to mute, delete or archive.
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2021-03-22 10:10:42
Limitless Voice Chats. Group and Channel admins can start a voice chat to bring an unlimited number of people together for live talks, podcasts and more.

Specific invite links let users instantly join as a listener or speaker, and listeners can raise their hand if they want to add to the conversation.

Your bio text is visible in the list, which you can use to add info or ask questions. For voice chats in channels, you can join with your personal account or appear as one of your channels for extra privacy.
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2021-03-18 17:01:22
Preview Chats. Press and hold a chat’s profile picture on Android to pull up a preview of its messages – without making messages as read.

On iOS, press and hold anywhere on the chat. This also opens up a menu with additional actions 🦾.
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2021-03-09 15:31:12
Send Without Compression. Photos and videos can be sent at their full quality and size – up to 2 GB per file.

On Android, tap 📎 > File > Gallery
On iOS, tap 📎 > File > Photo or Video
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2021-03-05 15:28:37
Invite by QR Code. Convert an invite link for your group or channel into a scannable QR code to send and share anywhere.
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2021-03-04 12:43:16
Imported Messages. You can move chats from other apps to Telegram and keep all your memories in one place.

When importing chats, if the destination chat on Telegram is new or has less than 1000 messages, everything will be seamlessly sorted by its original date and time.
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2021-03-03 11:24:11
Invite Links. Share unique links inside or outside of Telegram to let other users instantly join your group or channel.

In addition to the permanent link, you can create multiple links with custom properties – like a limited duration or number of uses.
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2021-03-02 12:49:43
Home Screen Widgets. Add custom widgets to your home page that show a preview of recent messages, or just a shortcut to your chats.

All widgets display unread message counters and instantly open the chat when tapped.
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