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2020-07-26 18:37:43
Punching Shear Reinforcement

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2020-07-26 18:37:41 Punching Shear Design

The design to prevent punching shear failure proceeds as:

1. Check if the concrete is strong enough alone;
2. If not, check if the amount of reinforcement is reasonable;
3. Design reinforcement if reasonable, if not, change form of structure.

✓Changing the form of structure includes deepening the slab, making the column larger, introducing drop panels or flared column heads.

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2020-07-26 18:37:38
What is punching shear?

✓The weight of a slab supported on a column induces shear stresses in the slab.
✓ These stresses, if sufficient and where additional reinforcement is not provided, would result in the column ‘punching’ through the slab.(shown in image above)

✓Punching shear failures arise from the formation of diagonal tension cracks around the loaded area, which result in a conical failure surface as illustrated in Fig.

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