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Logo of telegram channel pumpcoinbets — Pumpcoinbets💰📈 NFT & Crypto Gems 💎 P
Logo of telegram channel pumpcoinbets — Pumpcoinbets💰📈 NFT & Crypto Gems 💎
Channel address: @pumpcoinbets
Categories: Economics , Investments
Language: English
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This channel gives the best growth to NFT & Crypto projects. Turn on notifications to be the first to see the announcement🚀
Owner: @Legend
Official Partners @monsterra_official, @bcgameofficial, @BitMartExchange @DogeMob

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2024-06-08 04:33:54
$MATRIX IS NOW LIVE!!!! 100% fair launch, dev is legit & i can see the potential to run to 100mil easy.

30% is burned
5% sended to Andrew Tate
This shit will fly to 1B MCAP ASAP


TG CHAT (best community ever lol):

Follow them on X for some free airdrop:
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2024-06-07 10:29:43
Dive into the BLEGGS Revolution: Dubai's Hottest Crypto Craze

Experience the Future of Crypto with BLEGGS

Dubai is known for pushing boundaries, and now it's doing it in the crypto world with BLEGGS, the first real-world meme token. This innovative project bridges the gap between digital and physical, offering more than just an investment.

Join a Thriving Dubai Crypto Community

BLEGGS isn't just a coin; it's your key to an exclusive Dubai crypto community. Become part of a vibrant group of enthusiasts, get the latest industry insights, and connect with fellow forward-thinkers.

Unlock a World of Exclusive Perks

Owning BLEGGS opens doors to a universe of unique benefits. Get access to exclusive events, experiences, and opportunities within the ever-expanding InvisibleEggs ecosystem. This is your chance to be part of something special.

Don't Miss Out on the BLEGGS Boom!

The future of crypto is here, and BLEGGS is at the forefront. Join the revolution, secure your spot in the Dubai crypto scene, and be a part of the next big thing.

Dive deeper and join the BLEGGS fam today!

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2024-06-07 04:40:31

$PEPESOL hits a new all-time high (ATH): $0.002343

PEPE is now “OFFICIALLY” on the Solana Blockchain. Meet PEPESOL.

Cheers to all the steadfast $PEPESOL HODLers!

Visit our website:

CA: Gq2mS5uvTX8vKYXhSwxg1khMwPyJfDCDzMoj6sByk

Buy or trade $PEPESOL on Raydium or Jupiter DEXs  !

Listed on CMC

Promotion by:

Don't miss out this momentum.

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| Website |

Let’s share our way to success together!

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2024-06-06 21:38:53

Our $GCAT coin is making waves!
We've just released our very own
$GCAT Endless Runner Game!
and a fun MemeBot where you can shave whoever you want!

But that's not all! We've planned

Trending Bar Advertising, Dbuy & Sol Trending, & 1-2 Callers in the next few hours!

Get ready for some serious action!

CA: 81Q6yf3d43wQtr8P9qRGAR39YiafoJfmxgXW55rFrf

You can find our —> $GCAT-RUNNER <— Here!

And our MemeBot Here! -

Let’s shave our way to success together!

Twitter | Telegram | Website |Instagram |Tiktok

#GCAT #PlayToEarn #GCATRUNNER #SOLTrending #VolumeBot
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2024-06-06 19:14:32
Do you want to get into a token that is currently at a lower Market Cap but has the ability to 100X?!

If you do, $FkBiden on Solana is THE token to invest in.

Right now it’s the election season in the USA, and there is NO political token more primed to make its investors BIG returns than $FkBiden.

And we’re not the only ones to believe this…there are a bunch of KOLs (see below) who also believe that $FkBiden will cross $50M market cap, $100M market cap, even $500M+ market cap!

Oh, and we currently have a “bounty” out where we’ll give 10,000,000 $FkBiden tokens to whoever is responsible for getting Crash to call us (current value of nearly $30,000).

Here’s the direct link to buy your $FkBiden tokens on Jupiter:

And if you’re curious about who some of the KOLs who called our token, here you go:

Alex Costa (World War Bitcoin)
Nick Rose
Crypto Serpent
Crypto HODL
Darth Unicorn
Crypto Cailee
Doomed Crypto
Crypto Degen Girl
And many more!

While there’s no guarantee any token will take off to $100M+ Market Caps…

…$FKBiden is well situated to do just that.

Invest in your $FkBiden Tokens today while the MC is at its current levels.

CA: EBCrGLbRaDnmpDPv2qUvbHUEnhzdjTGL2BU1Xce9ReNo

Connect with $FkBiden:

CA: EBCrGLbRaDnmpDPv2qUvbHUEnhzdjTGL2BU1Xce9ReNo
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2024-06-05 13:16:57
$RTD has launched on Uniswap today!

Ignite your luck with #RTD !

Don't miss out and buy now on Uniswap.


Ticker: $RTD
Chain: Base
CA: 0x886B3F42F144133D3b1f3309783f3799f6c1F4f8

Auto Listing
Tax 0
LP Locked automatically
Fully audited contract
No Team tokens
Top Callers, Influencers
Fast-Track CMC & CG
Banner Ads (Gecko Terminal, Dexscreener, Dextools)
24/7 Non-stop Shilling
DAO Community
Token Staking available

Social :
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2024-06-05 12:22:12


Easy 100x

Buy on Raydium

Join Telegram
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2024-06-05 06:53:45
DogeMob is at it again - 4 CEX listings in 80 days, Gotbit hedge fund partnership, and a $7m+ Market Cap!

DogeMob continues to amplify its platform and reach with a series of strategic expansions and community-driven initiatives. In addition to MEXC and BitMart, the $DOGEMOB token launched on a further two global exchanges adding the $DOGEMOB/USDT pair to and Bitget, further enhancing its liquidity and market presence.

Key information:
KYC'd and experienced team.
Explosive growth potential, quickly achieving a $7m+ market cap.
A truly community-driven coin with its robust governance and voting system.
More than just a meme, offering real world utility through its GameFi and Stake and Earn programs.

Useful links:
Socials: X/Twitter | Instagram | TikTok | YouTube | Medium | Facebook
Charts: DEXTools | CoinMarketCap | CoinGecko
Buy $DOGEMOB: PancakeSwap | BitMart | MEXC | | Bitget
CA: 0xC44F8508E1dE753e7c523F98639132eeF2AD8EA5

DogeMob has truly posititioned itself as BSC's rising star. Don't miss out on this one - with this team's aggressive marketing campaigns, strategic partnerships, and proven and sustained growth as not only just a memecoin but as a true multifaceted crypto platform, returns in excess of 300x+ will be seen in just a matter of time. $DOGEMOB's continued success and growth as it maintains this trajectory is imminent.
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2024-06-04 15:16:03

Spent: 0.1 SOL
Total Contributors: 897
Filled: 1143.2 SOL (2,286.4 %)
Time Left: 04:48:06
Badges: KYC Audit AMA
Top #1 on Trending

Links: View TX | Buy on PinkSale
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2024-06-04 03:48:36

At Wagmi Casino we prioritize the spirit of web3 and value a fully decentralized experience. Fully decentralized i-gaming with unique session wallets. Decide how much money you’d like to play with and withdraw your money back into your metamask instantly when you’re done. Play your favorite web2 casino games on a fully web3 casino platform we host a variety of popular games from the most reputable game providers. Play games like Starburst and Gates of Olympus!

Instant payments of profit to clients account/wallet.
Fast setup of account, no KYC, it takes 30 seconds.
No Deposits / Withdrawals are instant as it is connected throught your web3 wallet.
While referring friends user also accumulates Points for the airdrop of the upcoming WAGMI token.

Show all the currencies, more then any other casino, as well as the option to buy Fiat with crypto on the same website.
1x2 Sports betting on football and other sports.
Player vs Player games.

If you’re not into gaming, make use of our refer a friend program - Invite your friends and earn a share of their points!

We have lots more features rolling out soon and we hope you join us for the journey and make it along the way!

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