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Logo of telegram channel pumpcoinbets — Pumpcoinbets💰📈 NFT & Crypto Gems 💎
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This channel gives the best growth to NFT & Crypto projects. Turn on notifications to be the first to see the announcement🚀
Owner: @Legend
Twitter: www.twitter.com/pumpcoinbets

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2023-03-03 05:48:17
Ready to be part of the crypto-gambling revolution?

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2023-03-02 20:51:50
Stay informed and stay ahead of the game. Join Harry Burton on Friday, Feb 3rd at 16:00 GMT for a Zoom conference that will provide valuable insights into the CAT platform and its future potential. Register now at https://us06web.zoom.us/j/82703244692 to secure your spot.
Language: English
Date: 03.03.2023
Time: 16:00 GMT
Place: ZOOM
Invite link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/82703244692
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2023-03-02 11:26:09
Analyze To Earn Vol.4

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Recommended Topic: #NFTFi

2nd Mar, Every Thursday

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2023-03-01 23:04:34
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2023-03-01 14:33:40

Tosa Inu introduces a world where we bring together dogs with unique powers. Our pre-Nozomi collection guard dogs, Tosa Inu will give you unique advantages at zomi finance the first decentralized perpetual exchange deployed on Ethereum blockchain.

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Price: FREE
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- Stake to earn $SENSHI
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- Automatic entry to our Nozomi whitelist mint. Nozomi comes with rev share benefits from our Zomi Finance platform.

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2023-03-01 06:07:49
Spin http://Gate.io Startup Lucky Wheel to win Startup whitelists!

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2023-02-28 20:14:35
Are you ready to win big and party like never before?

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2023-02-28 18:00:06
Open Games Builders

New metaverse and marketplace platform with NFTs backed by the Real World


Open Games Builders are trailblazers in connecting the real world with the metaverse, by creating experiences based on reality.

Buying the Open Games Builders utility token $OGBX enables:
Buying NFTs based on Real World collectibles
Redeeming NFTs for the Real World versions
Buying Metaverse Land
Access to OGB metaverse experiences and events
Purchasing merchandise

A revolutionary step towards a metaverse future is happening with the release of $OGBX. Already partnered with three Spanish organisations, OGB is developing it’s metaverse-as-a-service to enable companies to create digital experiences based on their reality. NFTs are 3D rendered from real world objects, many being backed by real assets which should enable a stable price floor. This allows companies to curate an experience more connected with reality, where users of the platform can see, touch and own.

Take the opportunity to be part of the Future before it becomes the Present!.

Telegram: https://t.me/OpenGamesB

Real Asset Backing and Redeemability
Metaverse events and experiences
Digital Museums
P2E gaming
Real-world events and merchandising

3 Ready-to-go Partners

Well-connected team with links to the e-Sports industry, the Spanish Government, Motorsports and the UAE

Get ready!

First Public Presale NOW LIVE!!

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2023-02-28 12:59:24
Verasity needs your vote in the
listing competition! $100k $VRA prize pool if we win!

Here's how:
Create a Bybit account using the link below,
Pass Lvl 1 KYC,
Deposit $100 or more stablecoin by 01/03/22 to vote!

Join Bybit: https://bybit.com/invite?ref=O6RRPR…
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2023-02-27 21:05:53
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