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Logo of telegram channel pumpcoinbets — Pumpcoinbets💰📈 NFT & Crypto Gems 💎
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This channel gives the best growth to NFT & Crypto projects. Turn on notifications to be the first to see the announcement🚀
Owner: @Legend
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2021-07-28 22:13:03
1M MARKET CAP! KEEP PUMPINGGGGG $babyasiandoge check pin
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2021-07-28 21:47:00
What is Baby Asian Doge?

Baby Asian Doge, the asian Son of #Doge Meme with a mission. Hyper deflationary with auto rewards, hold, pet, love, earn, & help save dogs!

We are going to be smashing through $1bn market cap and heading for the moon (Binance) whilst supporting charities and giving back along the way!

How will the team increase the price?

Explosive Marketing (especially in Asia). From Poocoin Ads to promotions with huge influencers on multiple platforms. With a clear end goal, to reach over 1B market cap, with our main target exchange being Binance! Manual burns are being scheduled in too!!

Contract Address: 0x36731896752823389e808f5F684d91bBd960E180

*Take note! Our contract ends in 'E180' and the contract name is all capital letters. Be careful with fake contracts trying to impersonate us and steal your money.*

Social Media links:
Website | Telegram | Instagram | Twitter | Reddit
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2021-07-28 20:25:37
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2021-07-28 20:07:26 What is ShibaRocket?

We think of Dogecoin when we hear the word memecoin. In spite of this, Dogecoin still has a long way to go before it becomes a store of value or a payment option. Because of this, many are looking for Dogecoin's successor - a memecoin with ambitious visions.

A new movement of memecoins: ShibaRocket

Initially, a memecoin was a joke that became a cryptocurrency, and as a result, remained popular by gaining public awareness.

Those who are long-term investors and professionals are looking for much more: joke coins are only attractive if they offer quality, utilization, and sustainability. Introducing ShibaRocket, Binance's latest memecoin that redefines memes for a modern world: have fun, make money, and make a difference!

We're just getting started with Shiba's interplanetary adventure

It is no surprise that space-themed movies, books, comics, and other media have been a part of our love affair with the heavens for centuries. With Binance Smart Chain, Shiba and his gang are massively supported by the community as they prepare for their journey through the galaxy. ShibaRocket is one of the most enticing and grandiose schemes ever created because it combines two major trends in the crypto space - memecoin and NFT.

ShibaRocket is the first crypto project to immerse their users in the adventure by augmenting reality. It serves as a portal to astronomical stories and provides users with the audiovisual experience of Shiba's journey through space. Those behind Shiba have recently started this remarkable project, and soon comics and minigames will be available to engage users in indoor and outdoor activity. Their comics will tell the stories of Shiba, his friends, and why they decided to go into the universe. These ebooks will be available for download on the website. As a result, users can play minigames and earn economic benefits (e.g., redemption points in NFTs and store discounts). Investors and advocates can also look forward to receiving their rewards in Q3 2021.

ShibaRocket Roadmap

ShibaRocket Augmented Reality DApp, which is the focus of this whole project, will be released in Q4 2021 along with its beta launch on Google Play. As part of the DApp, SHIBAROCKET Wallet will also be integrated for convenient storage of collectibles and other tokens.

Creating value for the "fun" coin

By creating real use cases, ShibaRocket proves itself to be the next generation of DOGE and SHIBA.

ShibaRocket DApp uses SHIBAROCKET as a medium of exchange. The platform's native token, SHIBAROCKET, is used to pay for in-app purchases and other fees. SHIBAROCKET can be traded for rare NFTs or NFTs that cannot be gathered from minigames and missions. SHIBAROCKET is a must-have for any player, ensuring that the token's demand will increase.

The ShibaRocket DApp V1 will be released around October, and then implemented in the V2 Augmented Reality DApp that will be released in December. By releasing two integral versions, the team makes sure early adopters do not have to wait too long to play the game and/or see their investment pay off.

In addition, SHIBAROCKET holders have the right to vote in decision-making processes and determine the project's future. ShibaRocket has decided to offer an airdrop to both old and new users as a way to encourage them to exercise this right. Their official channels will provide more information.





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2021-07-28 16:29:35 - Prosperity Token - $PRPT
LAUNCHED ON Pancakeswap

The prosperity token is a rugproof and community driven long term project, in which the Holders will be rewarded with best Tokenamics system.

Basically the project is going to be a "Hope" and "prosperity shower" in the struggling Crypto World.
This project has a great Community with hard-working team, which is determined to see this Prosperity token to the very big heights of Success.

Our Aim is to spread love,hope and prosperity by this token in the Crypto world.

Prosperity Mall
The PRT Mall: The First all Multivendor Marketplace Mall, where Vendors and Customers will use 100% crypto Tokens and Coins to Buy and Sell Products.

Our Qualities are:
And finally the Prosperity

Contract Address:-

Listing on CMC soon
Listing on CG soon
Doxxed Founders Team
Real Use Case (Utility alt coin)
$PRPT Mall coming very soon

Prosperity Token ($PRPT) Distribution:

\-Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000
\-Team Tokens:2.7%

Transaction taxes:

2% tax to Liquidity Pool to create a stable price floor
2% tax to All Holders
2% tax to Multi-Wallet(Marketing and Community Wallets)


Telegram: (
Instagram: (
Twitter: (
Facebook: (
Website: (
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2021-07-27 21:46:18
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2021-07-27 19:57:10
Yoyo got the text for the Reliance project second one

New Hidden 100x Gem

PRESALE Thursday, July 29th at 6 PM UTC

@RelianceBSC intends to make BSC a safer investment realm for all by providing a project identity verification service. Projects that are successfully verified are then added to Reliance Hub, their verified project database. Here investors can find fully doxxed projects, rate them, share comments, & even leave feedback! Think of them as the LinkedIn of cryptocurrency, with only verified projects

Doxxed, experienced team.
AMAs weekly
Monthly buy backs using a percentage of funds from project listings
Audit Completed by TechRate
Registered with the state of Illinois as an official LLC

3% rewarded to holders
3% Burn
2% Marketing and Development

Project database:
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2021-07-27 17:55:19
PolyPlay - Potential 100x project!

Very cool audited project called PolyPlay with a FULLY DOXXED TEAM with LinkedIn pages that is built with a use case of helping gamers earn money and become financially free. User’s will be able to buy, hold and play to win up to $5000.

Team also will have staking go live on XT exchange on August 1st. In addition they have exclusive PolyPlay merchandise in the works

As always not financial advice, please do your own research.

Poocoin | Website | Telegram | Twitter | Whitepaper | Audit | CoinGecko | Announcements |
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2021-07-27 13:54:13 Sonar - $PING | HURRAY: We are incorporating | We broke ATH today yet again | CZ follows us | 12m+ markcetcap | 12k+holders | Long term gem

Sonar broke records over records today and hit a ATH of 22m+
Celebrate with us as we are hosting a giveaway influencer contest for 500k $PING.
We are also happy to announce that Healthy Pockets will do a full review on us.

The Sonar Platform is a multi-chain analytical tool, which presents its users with an interface that tracks social network/influencer trends, vets contract code, price charts, creates price action alerts, executes orders, as well as feature other innovative and unique solutions, including the implementation of artificial intelligence for investments.

The Sonar Platform intends to serve as a crypto analysis one-stop-shop and provides users with all the necessary tools and information need to make smart investment choices and to reduce the likelihood of traders falling for rugpulls and honeypots.

Incorporation in progress
Uniswap listing in progress
Product demo coming soon

Techrate audit complete
Listed on CMC
Listed on CG
Doxxed Founders Team
Real Use Case (Utility alt coin)
Q3 Roadmap complete in 1 month

Sonar Token ($PING) Distribution:

Wallets locked in a multi-sig vault

\-Total Supply: 4,000,000,000
\-Team Tokens: 4% (Vested monthly)
\-Development/Marketing: 4%

Transaction taxes:

3% tax to Liquidity Pool to create a stable price floor
2% tax to Redistribution
2% tax to Sonar Innovation Lab Wallet
3% tax to Sonar Marketing and Development Wallet


Telegram: (
Instagram: (
Twitter: (
Reddit: (
Discord: (
Tiktok: (
Facebook: (
Website: (
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2021-07-27 06:31:26
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