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Jordan Sather

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Logo of telegram channel jordansather — Jordan Sather
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I'm just here for the Awakening.
Co-founder: @WeTheMedia
Owner: @ConsciousStrength
Head Shitposter: @ClickbaitExpose
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2024-01-17 18:11:26
Elon: "Attacks will intensify"

Where have I heard that before?

36.3K views15:11
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2024-01-14 21:19:55
They’re so terrified about Trump’s Term 2

And it’s glorious

Chris Miller and Gen Flynn heading military or intel orgs in Trump’s next administration would be badass
16.1K views18:19
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2024-01-12 21:12:04 Tucker Is ALMOST There - The Fossil Fuel & Global Warming Scam
37.1K views18:12
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2024-01-11 21:38:23
The WEF meetings in Davos start next week

Top agenda = “Preparing for Disease X”

& this session is “linked to the Collaborative Surveillance Initiative of the World Economic Forum”


Let’s get it on!
47.0K views18:38
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2024-01-11 18:43:00
Baffled? Really? What kind of idiots are baffled at cancer rates rising?

It’s obvious.

Vaccines. GMO food. Chemicals in tap water. EMF waves everywhere. Petrochemicals in food, hygiene, and cleaning products. Lack of exercise. And the list goes on.

Young people being affected by degenerative disease? No shit Sherlock. Don’t need a PHD to see why.
35.5K views15:43
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2024-01-10 04:59:56 First week of Jan and we’ve already got:

A jellyfish squid UFO caught on camera
Jews trafficking kids in New York tunnels
Alien giants at the Miami mall

All of which appear to have been wrong narratives promoted around social media by people jumping to conclusions

Hopefully 2024 will turn out to be the year of learning discernment, because so far it’s the year of ridiculous conspiracy clickbait horse shit
13.1K views01:59
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2024-01-10 01:25:44
Narco-terrorists in Ecuador have been waging war in the country today - taking over news stations at gun point and taking hostages in the subway system.

This is footage of police escorting captured terrorists out of the news station.

Those don’t look like Policia to fuck with.

& this is why the 2nd Amendment is nice to have.
27.3K viewsedited  22:25
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2024-01-04 16:48:13
Ooooh boy, this trickle trickle is turning into a flood
19.3K views13:48
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2024-01-03 06:07:07 Article on the “John Doe 107” that is fighting against letting her name out.

She might be a victim of Epstein. Doesn’t want her name out in a “culturally conservative country” where “honor killings are a thing”.

Prob get her name redacted and then it’ll release (unless more people fight it)

Justice is slower than Joe Biden’s synapses
41.1K views03:07
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2024-01-03 05:50:55
Epstein/Maxwell docs not dropping until at least Jan 22
17.3K views02:50
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