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Logo of telegram channel jordansather — Jordan Sather
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I'm just here for the Awakening.
Co-founder: @WeTheMedia
Owner: @ConsciousStrength
Head Shitposter: @ClickbaitExpose
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2023-11-29 03:31:09 Tucker is delving into the UFO issue.

There's couple answers as to why the government has hidden the truth about UFOs from us.

1) Technology. The tech associated with propelling these crafts, "electro-gravitics", goes hand in hand with unlimited electricity creation, "zero-point energy". The Powers that Be don't want their multi-trillion dollar oil/gas/coal or Green New Deal agendas threatened by decentralized energy technology.

2) Cosmological. Learning about other life in the cosmos and our role here in this solar system would undermine the Earthly religious/scientific control systems we live under. Our leaders would have to admit they lied to us, or were incompetent, and they don't want to do that.

The government's "Disclosures" over the last 6 years don't mean we will be getting the answers to the above points - it's likely a limited hangout, half-truth disclosure designed to conceal the deeper truths about the above points, so they can maintain their secrecy under the guise of transparency.

Question everything, especially when they claim they're ending secrecy about something.
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2023-11-28 20:25:23
Media won't report on Justin Trudeau's blackface, but has no problem twisting a story and defaming a child for wearing his favorite sports team's colors

What was the guy's name who wrote the article? Carron? That's like a male version of Karen. Fitting.
26.9K views17:25
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2023-11-28 20:19:05 “PiZzAgAtE iS a fAlSe CoNsPiRaCy ThEoRy”

Are they saying pedophiles don’t use code words like “pizza” and “hotdogs” in communicating their crimes? Because they clearly do. This is common knowledge to law enforcement investigating these matters.

Are they saying John Podesta didn’t have “cheeze pizza” and “hotdog” mentioned numerous times with unusual context in his email Wikileaks released? Because he clearly did.

Mainstream media journalists telling you “Pizzagate is false are and” are actively covering up for pedophiles and child traffickers by telling you that.

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2023-11-28 20:01:55
Gotta love the meltdown from mainstream media shitbags over Elon sharing a Pizzagate meme
39.2K views17:01
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2023-11-28 05:49:41
I get the feeling false flag attacks are being waged against Jewish communities in Western countries in order for the leaders to push legislation to restrict free speech
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2023-11-28 05:31:38
Here’s your sign
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2023-11-28 00:04:49
Trump in New Hampshire 1 month ago: “We send billions of dollars overseas, and we don’t even know where it goes… you’ll learn where it goes when you see these yachts pulling up to the dock.”

Today: reports surface of Zelensky buying $75 million yachts
116.7K views21:04
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2023-11-27 22:14:19 Glad to see U.S. taxpayer money fund such nice products
39.4K views19:14
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2023-11-27 22:11:52
In a new report by a website called “The Islander”, it’s alleged that Zelensky and his buddies recently bought two yachts for $75 million.

The purchase happened last month in Abu Dhabi.
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2023-11-26 19:41:37 "Media Literacy" Classes - Their Next Step in Brainwashing Our Youth
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