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Jordan Sather

Logo of telegram channel jordansather — Jordan Sather J
Logo of telegram channel jordansather — Jordan Sather
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I'm just here for the Awakening.
Co-founder: @WeTheMedia
Owner: @ConsciousStrength
Head Shitposter: @ClickbaitExpose
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2024-02-01 03:13:07
AP ran a hitpiece on "MedBeds"

Now you see why it's important to not only expose mainstream media propaganda, but also the conspiracy propaganda being injected into the "truth" movement

I talked about this a couple days ago -
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2024-02-01 01:52:04
The nameless, faceless sock puppets are triggered when I call them out on their bullshit

So they attack me with lies and try to rile up their lemmings in a cult-like fashion

No, I never voted for Obama

No, I'm not a Mossad agent

DOQHolliday and Ariel are clowns. Not surprising that they pump JFK Jr. and NESARA nonsense, and carry water for clickbaiters like Juan O Savin and Derek Johnson. My clickbait exposés must be pissing some networks off.

It's easy for these keyboard warriors to hide behind sock puppet accounts. Too scared to show who they really are.
30.4K views22:52
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2024-02-01 01:42:31 Anti-Gen Flynn Shills Are Coming Out Of The Woodwork
28.3K views22:42
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2024-02-01 01:05:38 Feminism & Manosphere Cultures Are Both Destroying the Youth

27.7K views22:05
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2024-02-01 01:03:27 Patsy Activated? "QAnon-Aligned Militia Leader" Kills Father & Calls for War on Govt.

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2024-01-31 17:03:04
What kind of asinine headline is this from the New York Post?

The dude made no mention of "QAnon" is his video, yet they decide to slap that Strawman term into their headline. "QaNoN aLiGnEd cOnSpIrAcY ThEoRiEs"

Propergander at it's finest
46.2K views14:03
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2024-01-30 13:36:49
MSNBC’s Joy Reid caught on hot mic: “Starting another fucking war!”

When even MSNBC is sick of Joe Biden's shit, you know things are bad.
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2024-01-30 02:04:32 Competing Narrative Pendulum (Beating MSM Propaganda & Conspiracy Clickbait)

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2024-01-30 00:20:59
"Aw jeeze, we lost all of our data about the 2020 rigged election and Fani Willis' bullshit lawsuit against Trump in that cyber attack!"

You can already smell the excuses coming....
54.2K views21:20
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2024-01-29 18:11:26
WaPo: "Biden is coming for your gas stoves - but wait, he's not coming for your gas stoves"

Unfortunately I lost my gas stove in a tragic boating accident
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