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2022-08-30 21:12:03
The "innocent lie" trick

The essence of the reception - in the imperceptible introduction of some information you have voiced words that do not guarantee its authenticity. Words such as: "seems", "seems", "almost". The emphasis is not on these words. On the contrary, they are said as if in passing.

For example, they say to the person: "Your boss seems to agree. He hears "agrees," and this is important information to him. The word "seems" is pronounced without emphasis on it.

The point of the technique is to deliberately deceive your opponent without fear of being guilty. And even if someone wants to catch you in this deception, you always have an excuse: "I did not say, I said" Seems.
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2022-08-30 20:08:52
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2022-08-17 15:05:41
11 Mafia Tips

1. Hide the gun and move the old man across the street. Honor family values

Gangsters teach the younger generation from an early age to respect boundaries, hierarchy, age and gender of the person.

The one who gets the most influence is the one who becomes the main breadwinner in the family.

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2022-07-26 10:52:59
"I saw everything and I know the truth!!!"

Alleged "eyewitnesses" of the events report with the necessary sincerity the lies told in advance by the manipulators, passing them off as the truth.

Such a technique influences the audience by arousing feelings and emotions, but in no way stimulates logical reasoning.

As a result, critical thinking is impaired and you let the information pass without seeing its falsity.

You begin to unconsciously associate yourself with an unbiased bystander and trust him far more than an expert.
1.7K views07:52
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2022-07-17 13:28:46
Indifference is the path to success

Indifference is an excellent choice for manipulation. We all remember those stories from high school when a guy runs after a girl and she "doesn't care.

And he starts running around even more. Sound familiar?

How to apply it?

Show the object of manipulation that you have little to lose if he does not agree to your terms. You can also "finish" the phrase "if you're against it, I understand.

Such a behavior you convince the victim that she needs you more than you do in her.

In the meantime, the chances of your success increase.
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2022-07-10 23:55:05
Manipulation and the psychology of zombification. Part 3

8. Suppression of genius, individuality, perfection

The most common zombification is called "Genius is guilty by definition."

A great man and genius is always tried to be put in his place by not giving him the right to speak.

Society and the gray mass do so because genius ruins their reality.

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Part 2 - READ
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2022-07-05 23:11:51 Make more attempts - something will shoot!

A universal principle for almost every area of our lives.

What is its essence?

You have to make many (sometimes very many!) attempts to get results.

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2022-07-02 22:22:48
20 cognitive distortions that affect your decisions. Part 2.

11. Outcome bias. The tendency to judge a decision by the final outcome instead of evaluating it based on the circumstances of the moment it was made.

Just because you won in a casino, you cannot say that the decision to bet all the money was the right one.

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Part 1 - READ
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2022-06-30 23:00:27
How do you quickly get people to like you?

When you dominate a conversation, no one should notice that you're doing it on purpose!

Give in where you need to win where you need to

I apply the following method:

Make a minor mistake, say, get today's date wrong or misspell it.

The person you're talking to will correct and become more confident, thinking for a second that they're stronger.
This will show that you seem to be the same as everyone else, everyone can make mistakes.


Make a mistake in a small thing, but not in a serious matter, otherwise it will make you incompetent.
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2022-06-29 19:13:27
Why discipline is more important than motivation / How to get yourself to do something

Motivation, in general terms, is based on the mistaken assumption that a particular mental or emotional state is necessary to complete a task.

This is a completely wrong perception.

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