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2022-10-30 18:30:40 88) Explanation

Clinical Manifestations of Classic Phenylketonuria
• The affected infant is normal at birth.
• Mental retardation may develop gradually and may not
be evident for the 1st few months.
• Vomiting, sometimes severe enough to be misdiagnosed
as pyloric stenosis, may be an early symptom.
• Older untreated children become hyperactive, with
purposeless movements, rhythmic rocking, and
• Infants are lighter in their complexion than unaffected
siblings with blonde hair.
• These children have an unpleasant odor of Phenyl-acetic
acid, which has been described as musty or mousey.
• Most infants are hypertonic with hyperactive deep
tendon reflexes.
• Microcephaly, prominent maxilla with widely spaced
teeth, enamel hypoplasia, and growth retardation are
other common findings in untreated children.
1.4K views15:30
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2022-10-29 19:37:06
88) A normal born child presents with mental retardation, blond hair and convulsions at 1 year of age. Most probable diagnosis is?
Anonymous Quiz
a. Albuminuria
b. Phenylketonuria
c. Gaucher’s disease
d. Tyrosinemia
676 voters1.9K views16:37
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2022-10-28 19:28:34

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2022-10-23 15:30:00 87) Explanation

• A problem that may beset a bottlefed baby in which it forgets how to nurse on mother’ nipple
• Breastfeeding requires far more vigorous mouth and tongue motions and greater muscle coordination than bottlefeeding.
• On bottle nipples or even pacifiers, a newborn can forget how to nurse properly.
• This confusion can lead to diminished or discontinued nursing. Nipple confusion is usually not a concern after the early weeks, once the baby is nursing well
4.3K views12:30
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2022-10-22 15:30:00
87) Nipple confusion means?
Anonymous Quiz
a. Baby fed with a bottle finding it difficult and confusing to suckle at breast
b. Baby not able to suckle with bottle
c. Baby not able to feed with spoon
d. Baby not able to feed with paladi
1.1K voters4.6K views12:30
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2022-10-17 16:30:00 86) Explanation

• Lets evaluate data step wise to arrive at answer.
1. Baby can sit in tripod position by 5th month.
2. Bi dextrous approach by 5th month.
3. Monosyllables by 6th month.
4. Stranger anxiety by 7th month.
5.9K views13:30
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2022-10-16 19:06:26 86) A baby with tripod position, bi dextrous approach, recognises strangers and can spell out mono syllable by what age:
Anonymous Quiz
a. 7 months
b. 12 months
c. 9 months
d. 10 months
1.1K voters5.6K views16:06
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2022-10-16 19:05:32 86) A baby with tripod position, bi dextrous approach, recognises strangers and can spell out mono syllable by what age:
4.7K views16:05
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2022-10-13 16:30:00 85) Explanation

The child in this question has :
1. Height below 3rd percentile, i.e., short stature.
2. Normal growth velocity, i.e., normal variant of short stature.
3. Skeletal age is less than chronological age.

There are two types of normal variant of short stature:
1. Constituional delay in growth
2. Familial genetic short stature

In constitutional delay the bone age is less than chronological age, while in familial short stature bone age is normal for the chronological age.

So, the most likely diagnois of this child is constitutional delay in growth.
6.0K views13:30
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2022-10-12 16:57:00
85) A child is below the third percentile for height. His growth velocity is normal, but chronologic age is more than skeletal age. The most likely diagnosis is:
Anonymous Quiz
a) constitutional delay in growth
b) Genetic short stature
c) Primordial dwarfism
d) Hypopituitarism
368 voters947 views13:57
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