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Telegram stands for freedom and privacy and has many easy to use features.

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2022-04-29 17:28:12
Picture-in-Picture Playback. Continue watching videos while you browse other chats or even other apps.

Tap or click the PiP icon in the media viewer on any app to switch to picture-in-picture mode, and pinch or drag to resize the player window. To close the window, drag it off screen or tap the .

On iOS, drag the player to the side of your screen to hide the video and keep listening to its audio.
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2022-04-28 10:43:17
Bot Admins. Some bots are built for use in groups and channels – to help moderators or add fun features.

Bots can be added directly to chats from their profile, letting you instantly configure their rights.

Bots can be added to groups as members or admins, but can only be added to channels as admins.
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2022-04-26 16:33:35
Bot Interfaces. Developers can create infinitely flexible interfaces for bots using JavaScript.

With these, bots can replace any website – like online stores, games and services.

Interface elements can update in real time, changing to match a user’s theme or night mode. Check out @DurgerKingBot to see them in action.
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2022-04-25 18:19:50
Replies in Forwarded Messages. Select messages to forward them to another chat. Forwards show replies to keep the full context of the conversation.

You can control whether forwarded messages include a link to your account in Settings > Privacy and Security.
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2022-04-21 16:39:05
Silence or Mute Notifications. Disable alert sounds from a chat or turn off notifications completely.

Select ‘Mute for’ on Android or ‘Mute until’ on iOS to set a custom mute duration – pausing notifications for a specific period.

You can also quickly mute chats from your chat list.
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2022-04-19 16:19:00
Notification Sounds. Tap short audio files or voice messages and select 'Save for Notifications' to create custom alert tones that sync across your devices – like the 20+ sounds available here.

You can set unique tones for individual chats, or entire groups of chats. Add and manage tones via Settings > Notifications and Sounds or in specific chats.

On Android, tap ⋮ > Mute > Customize in a chat header.
On iOS, tap Mute > Customize from a chat’s info page.
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2022-03-24 11:16:46
Browser Previews. Anyone can open links to see profiles, posts or entire public channels in their browser – even if they haven’t signed up for Telegram yet.

These previews include buttons to quickly download Telegram for mobile and desktop, or to open it in Telegram Web.
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2022-03-23 11:15:19
Phone Number Links. Post or share a link anywhere to let others quickly contact you, based on your phone number.

These links follow your Phone Number Privacy settings – if a user isn’t allowed to find you by your number, the link will not work for them.

To create a more anonymous link for yourself, add a custom username in Settings.
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2022-03-18 15:35:58
Streaming Software Support. Broadcast live video in groups and channels from external programs like OBS and XSplit to add extra inputs, graphics and more.

Select ‘Stream with…’ when starting your broadcast, then paste the details into your preferred streaming software.
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2022-03-17 11:38:00
Browse Your Gallery. Quickly access specific folders in your gallery like videos, screenshots and favorites.

On Android, pull the attachment panel to the top of your screen and tap Gallery to select a folder from the menu.

On iOS, tap the at the top of the panel to see all your albums.
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