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Telegram stands for freedom and privacy and has many easy to use features.

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2021-03-02 12:49:43
Home Screen Widgets. Add custom widgets to your home page that show a preview of recent messages, or just a shortcut to your chats.

All widgets display unread message counters and instantly open the chat when tapped.
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2021-03-01 14:07:32
Auto-Delete. Set a timer in any chat to automatically erase messages either 24 hours or 7 days after sending.

The timer only affects the messages sent after it is enabled, and can be modified at any time.
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2021-02-15 13:25:35
Your phone number is hidden. By default, it is only visible to your contacts. In groups and chats, you will always appear as your chosen name.

If you create a username, people can find your profile and get in contact with you – without needing to know your phone number.
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2021-02-14 15:26:08
Trending Stickers. Tap the (+) button in the sticker panel to see packs that are relevant for the season – or a certain day, like Valentine’s Day.
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2021-02-12 20:40:25
Global Search. Use the search field at the top of your chat list to find people by their usernames, as well as messages or media from all your chats.

Global Search also shows public channels and groups that you are welcome to join.
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2021-02-02 15:10:22
Delete Without a Trace

Messages, chats, call history and groups you created can be completely deleted at any time. Simply make your selection and check the box to delete for all participants – deleted items leave no trace, giving you full control over your digital footprint.
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2021-02-01 21:35:27
Polls. To create a poll in your groups or channels, open the 📎 attachment menu and choose “Poll”.

Polls can be anonymous or have visible votes, showing who voted for what. You can also create multiple answer and quiz-style polls.
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2021-01-29 13:55:14
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2021-01-21 19:16:54
Free space. Telegram requires next to no storage space to run on your device.

Go to Settings > Data and Storage > Storage Usage to selectively clear your cache – or set Keep Media to regularly remove unused items. Media and files stay available to re-download whenever needed.

On Android, you can also store your Telegram data on your SD Card.
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2021-01-20 20:39:58
You can use the ‘Saved Messages’ chat to bookmark important messages, set reminders, store media, or send documents of up to 2GB each between your devices.

Whenever you forward a message, ‘Saved Messages’ will be at the top of the list.

To quickly access the chat on Android, swipe right for the Side Menu > Saved Messages. On iOS tap Settings > Saved Messages.
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2021-01-15 21:31:19
Telegram apps are standalone and synced with the cloud – all your messages and media are available everywhere you go.

Unfinished messages save as Cloud Drafts, so you can finish typing and send from any device. Try or on your computer for the best experience.
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2021-01-14 18:18:41
Video messages. Tap once on the Voice Message button to switch to video.

Tap on a video message to play it with sound.
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2021-01-14 17:32:58
Delivery status. One check = message delivered. Two checks = message read.

You can use Telegram on any number of devices at once, including computers and tablets. Simply log in using the same phone number to access all your messages – without keeping your phone connected.
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2021-01-12 15:53:57 Over the last 7 years, Telegram has protected the private data of people all over the world and redefined what a messaging app can do. Here are some of its features:

• Editing messages
• Moving chat history from other apps
• Sending documents and videos up to 2GB
• Deleting messages without a trace
• Native desktop and tablet apps
• Multiple accounts and Chat folders
• Usernames instead of phone numbers
• Granular privacy settings
• Group chats of up to 200,000 members
• Admin tools and stats for group owners
• Voice Chats for up to 5,000 participants
• 20,000+ high-quality Animated stickers
• Custom Color Themes like Retro
• Video messages
• One-to-many channels
• Video editing tools
• API and Bot platform for developers
• Programmed emoji 🎯🎳⚽️🏀🎲🎰
• Disappearing photos or videos
• Self-Destructing end-to-end encrypted Chats
• Partial selection for messages
• Scheduled and silent messages
• Pinned messages and polls
• Persistent chat history
• Saved Messages and Drafts
• Encrypted Voice and Video Calls

Scroll around in this channel for more features.
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2021-01-12 12:51:31
Change Colors. You can choose from dozens of color schemes in Chat Settings (Appearance Settings on iOS).

For more artistic freedom, try the full Theme Editor – or find links to themes created by others.
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2021-01-12 12:05:18 Cloud Themes sync across your devices and have unique, shareable links. Everyone can make them in our Theme Editor.

If you want to take a trip down memory lane, our designers put together this tribute to an app that used to be independent:
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2021-01-12 11:34:51
Edit or Delete Messages to fix typos or remove anything you send by accident. Edited messages show an edited label, and deleted messages leave no trace and no placeholder in the chat.
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2021-01-12 11:34:19
Unsend anything. On Telegram you can “unsend” messages you have sent or received for both sides, and there is no time limit.

You can also delete any private chat entirely from both your and the other person's device with just two taps.
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2021-01-12 11:33:58
Partial Selection. You can select any portion of a message to copy or share, instead of only the full text. Here’s how it looks on Android.
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2021-01-12 11:33:31
Emoji Suggestions. Android users can type any word in the message field to get relevant emoji suggestions.

On all platforms, you can also type : followed by a keyword to search for emoji like :heart

If we’re missing a keyword for an emoji in your language, feel free to suggest it here.
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2021-01-12 11:33:06
Sticker Suggestions. Type any emoji and Telegram will suggest stickers relevant for your situation – from 😍 to 😱

Subscribe to @TrendingStickers to get the latest packs first.
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2021-01-12 11:32:25
Animated emoji. Sending a single emoji in a message will display a stylish animated version. We keep expanding the animated emoji army, adding new ones with every update.
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2021-01-12 11:32:11
Mini-Game Emoji. There are several emoji which you can send in chat to test your luck: 🎰, 🎲, 🎯, ⚽️ and 🏀.
Go for the jackpot, goal or bullseye – but try not to roll snake eyes 😉
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2021-01-12 11:31:13
Scheduled messages. Hold the ‘Send’ button in any chat and select ‘Schedule Message’ to automatically send things at a specified time in the future (DeLorean not included).

If you can't guess what time would be good, choose to deliver the message when your recipient comes online.
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