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F1 VISA interview Experiences and updates. Spring-2023
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The VO questions are mostly the same, it's the responses that matters to members, so please elaborate.

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2022-05-16 18:32:01 F1 Visa, 1st Attempt
Intake: Fall'22
VAC: May 12(New Delhi)
VI: May 16(Chennai)
University of UTAH, MS in Business Analytics
Counter No: 30
Status: Approved
Slot time: 9:00 AM
In time: 8:00 AM
Out time: 9:20 AM

Interview time around 2:00 mins

VO was Tall Guy,very friendly and very talkative

VO: Good morning officer, Come forward
Me: Good Morning Officer

VO: Pass me your passport, i20 and sevis receipt. Unable to scan my passport. I was sent to counter 19 for checking. Rectified it took roughly around 20-25mts

After that i was again to my previous counter

VO: What was your major in undergrad?
Me: Electronics and Communication Engineering.

VO..When did you graduate ?
Me.. 2007 April

VO: So what are you doing since then?
Me: I'm working in XXXX for the last 14+ year and i am presently working as a Project Manager at xxxz project

VO: Were you married?
Me. Yes

VO: Kids ?
Me: Yes

VO: How many and Age?
Me: 2..age..8

VO: So you are leaving the company for pursuing masters ?
Me: No, I am going on a Sabbatical leave

VO: So, company is sending you for masters ?
Me: No, i am doing it out of my interest which would help in attaining higher positions in the company along with the gain of knowledge of the latest tools and techniques in Data Analytics.

VO: Please place your 4fingers for scanning... Perfect... Your visa is APPROVED.
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2022-05-16 18:03:01 First attempt

Appointment date- 11th MAY, 2022


Location : Mumbai

Appointment Time: 10:20 am

In time: 09:30 am

Out time: Around 09:50 am

University: The University of North Texas at Arlington

Course: MS in Construction Engineering

Counter No. 31
(VO was in his 30s (Handsome Guy )

Me: Good morning, Officer. How are you doing?

VO: Good Morning

VO: Pass me your details (I20 and Passport)

Me: Here it is

Vo: So, You are heading towards University of North Texas and your program is Construction engineering Right?

Me:Yes Officer

VO: So when did you graduate?

Me: I've Graduated in the year 2019 Officer.

Vo:What are you doing since ?

Me:Told about the work experience

Vo: How many Universities you applied for?

Me: I've applied for three universities officer

Vo: how many of them you get admitted

Me:I got admit from all three universities officer.

Vo:Then why this University?

Me: Instead of Ranking and Curriculum I mentioned how this university will help me in a particular subject.

Vo: How you are going to Fund for your education ?

Me: My Father is going to Sponsor for my education with his savings of ×× lakhs.

VO: What is his Profession

Me: He is into a Business ?

Vo:Which business??

Me: Told.

Vo: What is his annual income?

Me: 15 lakhs per anum officer

(Now again he asked about experience and asked my roles and responsibilities at this time he started staring at me till i complete my answer )

Vo: So did you write any proficiency exam?

Me: told about Duolingo and Secured score

Vo:So do you have any education loan ?

Me: No officer the available Fund is enough for me ? I was Going to mention about assets but he asked another question.

Vo:Typing Continuously

Me: I'm trembling and my pulse rate was at peak. Tensed for what's gonna happen next. will he approve or not?

After few secs

VO: picked my passport and kept in a tray and said collect it after some days.

Me: Thank you so much officer and I Ran without seeing anyone

Note: Be Confident though it's hard to be but atleast pretend like you're confident enough.

Most important thing which i noticed is that be concise to your answers.

All the best to all of you guys
Everyone has a day guys
Today's is mine tomorrow's is yours so never loose hope

This Group helped me a lot Thanks everyone
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2022-05-16 17:30:12 Nik Jones:
Date: 16th may 8:00am
Chennai consulate
I had come 1hr early so there were only a few applicants in front of me.
I went into the consulate ,they frisked me and sent me off to a different building and I was the first interviewee when counter opened .
Me:I said good morning ,how are you?

Vo: I am fine.
Me: I had refilled my ds160 cuz I had changes in them, so here is my new ds160.
Vo: it's okay, don't need it.
Vo: Why this course?
Me: I had interned at JPMorgan after my graduation where I was exposed to data analytics and that interested me and I did predictive analysis on actual stock data.( told little more information about the internship).
Vo: why clark ?
Me: Clark has a variety of electives that matched my interest. I had mailed Ms.Jamie leehie ,the MSDA( professor for visualization ) and asked her about the course and the research she had done. It would be a great privilege to study under her.
Vo: how many universities apply to?
Me: 3
Vo: which all?
Me:Purdue,clark and northwestern.
Vo:How many did you get admit?
Me: I got admit for 3 universities.Purdue northwest and fort Wayne and clark.
Vo:Why not purdue?
Me:Told that I did not get into purdue main campus and other campus curriculum is not that good.
Vo: who is paying for your expenses?
Me:My parents are paying for my studies. I have xx lakhs savings and xx lakhs loan and xx crores immovable assets.
What does your parents do?
My parents are partners at a company and do agricultural trading as side business.They make an income of x crores.
Vo: place your left hand firmly.
Vo: your visa is approved.
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2022-05-16 17:02:01 Biometrics: Chennai VAC(15th may)
VI: Chennai
Slot : 9:30
In time : 8:30
University : Central Michigan University
Status : Approved
VO: Are u working for TCS
Me: yes
VO: what are ur roles and responsibilities
Me: currently am working as an ASE at TCS since 12 months. Am currently handling projects related to testing mainly.
VO: why this university?
Me: The foremost factor for selecting this univ is the amount of quality research going their in the field of SAP domain. This univ has unique blend of courses. Moreover when I researched about this I got to know about a proff who is into SAP field for almost 10 years so I wish I can learn alot from him.
VO: when did u completed ur bachelors
Me: may 2021
VO:What's ur GPA
Me: 7.79 on a scale of 10
VO:Did u gave ur GRE
Me: yes
VO:who are ur sponsors
Me: my father
VO: what's his occupation
Me: Govt employee
VO: his annual income
Me: xx lakhs
VO asked to scan my left four fingers
Then golden words ur visa is approved and passed me a green slip
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2022-05-16 16:31:01 Consulate Mumbai
Status - Rejected
University - Texas A&M Corpus Christi
Slot - 10:20 but they allowed me at 8:50
Vo Chinese Guy
Vo - Come Forward
Vo - Good Morning, sir.
Me - Hello officer Good Morning
Vo - What is your Under graduation ?
Me - Did my bachelors in CSE from xxx college name
Vo - Do you have 4,5 years experience in this field ?
Me - No it’s 3.5 years experience only.( I’m a 2018 grad should have mentioned in the previous question)
Vo - Why masters now?
Me - I think for me this is the right time to do because this will give me a boost for at least 5 years in future it may be difficult for me to to learn as responsibilities grow.
Vo - Why this University?
Me - Tamucc required minimum 36 credits to finish master due to that they have wide range of electives that I’m in interested in and stopped
Vo - What other universities you applied?
Me - Including Tamucc other 3 they are NJIT, UAB, U Dayton.
Typed for almost 5 mins.
Vo - Place your right hand on scanner. I cannot approve your visa this time. Gave me 214b slip.

Any Suggestions for next time ?
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2022-05-16 16:22:50 Slot time 7:45
Active American women age 30-35
location: addis ababa, Ethiopia
School name community college of denver
VO: good morning i20 and passp pls
Me: here we go
Vo: did you apply other university
Me: yes
Vo: where
Me: i forgot and i fumble a lot i said ummm wjxtev
Vo: what?
me: i said something that i dont even know
Vo: excuse me
Me: washington
Your major is esl?
Me: yes then i will start my economics degree
Vo: okay
what is your plan after graduation
Me:i will be back in home country and work with my sis
Vo: what is you dad job
Me He is a contractor
Vo Your mom
Me Bussiness women
Thank your visa is aproved
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2022-05-16 16:00:01 Delhi biometrics and interview (12&13, May)
Fall intake 2022.
Eastern Illinois University.
Passed Passport and i20

How many universities have you applied for?
I've applied for 6 universities in total along with EIU.

How many admits?
5 admits

Why do you choose master in computer science?
Because I have done my bachelor's in Computer science and engineering
So I want to continue specialization in same field.

When did you graduate?
I'm graduated in 2021.

What's your undergraduate percentage?
My CGPA is 7.14 on a scale of 10.

Oh you're working in Deloitte, What's your role over there.?
Yes, basically I'm an intern analyst at Deloitte.
I deal with the backend defects that are assigned to me on the application that our project is currently based.

Have you attempted GRE?
No, I have not attempted GRE due to Covid circumstances and it's waived for my university.

What is your IELTS score?

Who are sponsoring for your education.?
My father along with my uncle are sponsoring for my education.

What does your sponser do.?
My father works in xxx as a xxx worker.
My uncle works in xxx as a xxx.

What's their annual income.?
My father's annual income is xxx lakhs per annum.
My uncle's annual income is xxx lakhs per annum
Combined it's around xxx lakhs per annum.

How are you funding.?
We have a savings of xxx lakhs.

Have you taken any loan.?
Yes, xxx lakhs

Which bank.?

Congratulations young man, your visa has been approved.

Ping me if there's anyone who got their Visa approved for EIU.
For Travel and Stay arrangements.
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2022-05-16 12:05:02 2nd attempt
1st attempt (also delhi)
on 1st December 2021
And got rejected by counter no. 13 indian american lady in her 40's (gannon university, Pennsylvania)

My visa experience
Location: Delhi
Biometric: 11th may 2022
Interview: 12th May 2022
Slot time: 10:30Am
In time: 10:20 AM
Out time: 10:40 AM
Course: computer science
Status: Approved

Counter 18: American lady in her 30's
Vo: (waved hand to me)
Hey good morning
Me: Good morning officer
Vo: please pass me your documents (i20 and passport only)
Me:yea sure here it is.
Vo: what did you study?
Me: I've completed my masters in computer..
(I just forgot my course name so i said..Sorry and continued to speak) I've completed my masters in information technology from sardar patel in 2018.

VO: she smiled what you doing since then?
Me:- I'm working as a web designer technologist at infoblex. (Vo type something)

Vo:- what about sponsor?
Me:- my father in law is sponsor me for my education with the savings of 45 lakhs and wr have gold worth rs 42 lakh apart from that we have immovable property worth 3.5 cr rs.
VO: What does he do?
Me: he's senior account manager at Sterling outsourcing private limited.

VO: are you married?
Me: yes officer
Vo: what does he do?
Me: he's an agriculturalist and tobacco merchant
Vo: what kind of merchant? (As she didn't get the tobacco at first.)
Me: it's tobacco mem.
Vo: oh great he cultivate tobacco.

Vo: do you have children?
Me: no officer we don't have children.

After typing something for 30-40 seconds.
Vo: when did you applied for the last time?
Me:- yes officer i applied last year on December 1st 2022.

Vo: ok I'm approving your visa
Place your right hand fingers

Me: (shocked for a 2 second ) said thanks mem you' made my day.

•She was smiling all the time while asking questions.
•I was confident while answering and maintain a good eye contact this time.

Be confident
Don’t fumbled , don't get nervous.
be confident on your word
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2022-05-16 11:23:01 Biometric : Chennai ( may 15)
Interview : Chennai (may 16)
Slot time : 10
In time : 9.30 Out time : 10.30
Texas tech University for Fall.
Vo : American lady ( counter no 28)
Status : Approved
Me : very good morning officer . How are you? (With loud voice)
Vo : hai, Good morning girl
Vo : oh Texas tech?
Me : yes officer.
Vo : why Texas tech
Me : I choose Texas tech mainly because of two reasons . Course circulam offered by Texas tech is very flexible and it is offering courses like machine learning and Deep learning where I am having related work experience in this domain. Apart from this i also interacted with Dr.Tara and some other proffesors they have international publications and great domain knowledge and research in this field that's y I choose Texas tech University.

vo : what is ur undergraduation score?
Me : it's 9.19 /10 specialized in computer science.

Vo : that's great any backlogs?
Me : no officer , i got every semister 9+

Vo : what's ur funding?
Me.: Me along with my parents are sponsoring my education with savings of around 28 lakhs . I also secured education loan around 34 lakhs On top this Texas tech offered me with scholarship of around 8500$

That's it here comes the golden words
Your visa have been approved young girl enjoy ur stay in us .

Literally i was speechless and said thank you so much officer u made my day ..!

Note : 1.Be confident PPL like eventough you see rejections infront of you .Don't worry they might have another reason .so believe in urself.
2.I have listened Hall of fame song before going to interview that boosts my confidence.( Hope it might help u also try this.)
3. Thank you so much for this group
4 . Take as many mocks as possible from friends , unknown PPL as well. But my suggestion is to take self mock infront of mirror ( if u have faced urself with more confidence u can face anyone) before the day of interview.
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2022-05-16 10:15:04 Biometric: May 15th, Chennai (14:30)
VI: May 16th, Chennai (8:30am)
University of Texas at arlington
Course: computer science and engineering
Intake : Fall
Slot time: 08:30
In time: 7:40
Out time: 9:00 am
Counter No: 29
Physco American Blad head
Status: Rejected
VO: Hi, Good morning
Me: Hello , Good Morning
VO: Pass me your passport and i20

VO: When you have completed your under-graduation?
Me: I have completed my graduation on April 2021
VO: after that what were you doing?
Me: Right after that started working in Infosys as systems engineer.

VO: Who is your end client?
Me: It is a financial client

VO: what is name of the client?
Me: The client is xxxx

VO: oh, what services you offer?
Me: Described about my day to day responsibilities.

VO: what does your father do?
Me: My father runs xxx business and ( interrupted not even trying to listen)
VO: Place your four right hand fingers
Me: yes
VO: sorry, your visa has been rejected, please reapply.


(I dont even understand they are not even intrested to listen answers, before me there was 2 rejections of f1..they are only accepting L1, H1 visas..and the truth is yes chennai has lot of rejection dont belive who’s visa has got approved it has happening one in a 10..what other 9?)

Can anyone guide what is next procedure I can follow?
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