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2023-03-20 10:05:17
Don't give me orders!

If you don't want people to scatter from you like cockroaches when the lights turn on, follow this advice.

People don't like to be bossed around. The person you're talking to will start to resist and be stubborn.

So instead of saying, "Go call the client," use, "Please call this client and clear up the details of the deal." This way, the chance that the request will be heard increases.

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2023-03-19 22:00:39
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How to bring a girl to ORGASM in 30 SECONDS
- How NOT TO CUM for hours for a guy
- THE BEST and worst sex POSES
- Sex without touching! How is it?

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1.1K views19:00
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2023-03-19 20:06:01
"The Chicago Seven: Diseases we acquire through emotion

What is the Chicago Seven?
It's a list of classic psychosomatic diseases. Here are what diseases doctors believe have psychosomatic roots:

- Arterial hypertension;
- Peptic ulcer disease of the stomach and duodenum;
- Inflammatory bowel disease (non-specific ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease);
- Neurodermitis (atopic dermatitis);
- Bronchial asthma;
- Thyrotoxicosis (thyroid hyperfunction);
- Rheumatoid arthritis.

What can help?
- A smile.
A smile, even if it is strained, still provokes positive emotions and improves the condition.

- Massage
It helps to relax both body and soul. And muscle tone has a positive effect on our mind and mood.

- Sports
The emotional lift after a good workout is similar to a prolonged euphoria.

- Psychotherapy
Allows us to form new patterns of behavior through which we begin to live our emotions instead of hiding them inside.
1.2K views17:06
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2023-03-19 10:05:11
How easy is it to gain trust?

One of the best ways to earn someone's trust is to let them know in advance that you will only tell the truth.

Example phrases: Let's be honest about what we want from each other. Let's be open with each other. This will go a long way toward easing your interlocutor's vigilance. By doing so, you create comfortable ground to mislead him.

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1.5K views07:05
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2023-03-18 20:06:01
Corporate Stockholm Syndrome: Why we feel guilty at work

Pathological feelings of guilt towards superiors are experienced by thousands of employees in corporations. Victims of this syndrome are employees who are indoctrinated to uphold corporate values at the cost of long working hours and with minimal compensation.

In such a situation, it is important for the person to be able to believe in his or her own worthiness. Therefore, one should identify the external cause of this condition and thus stop self-blame. Taking care of physical health and clearly defining the boundaries between self-esteem and patience will allow you to regain self-confidence.
If all efforts are fruitless, the only way out is to find a new job with a healthier work environment.

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660 views17:06
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2023-03-18 19:21:55
3 reasons not to dismiss "so-so" ideas

Seth Godin, ex-CEO of marketing at Yahoo!, aptly said, "Before you complain that you don't have a single good idea, think about whether you have a list of bad ideas and how big it is."

Here are 3 reasons to collect any of your ideas into your piggy bank of experience:

• These are the small steps to any breakthrough

Writing a book? Don't think about what kind of masterpiece you'll end up with, just write line by line.

• Courage is the answer.

If you don't allow yourself to take "so-so" steps, nothing great will be born. Don't be afraid of criticism; create something that can be improved. Or impossible to improve is also a valuable experience.

• What is "good"?

Who evaluates how good is what you create anyway? Determine what you're doing and for whom. And act to the best of your ability.

Do it! That's the key. The only way to get to a big goal is to walk toward it in small increments.

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2023-03-18 17:21:14

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2023-03-18 10:05:12
How do you manage a liar?

When a liar realizes that you completely believe his story, he feels incredibly relieved. As a result, his attention span is severely dulled.

Upon noticing the deception, you don't need to shout about it right away. It is better to carefully use your false naivety to disarm the enemy.

Pretend that you are gullible in the flesh. And then surreptitiously begin to bend your line, promoting your own interests.

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1.7K views07:05
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2023-03-17 20:06:01

Safety is an obvious value. And if one is exposed to danger, it is by choice, going to the peaks or flying a hang glider, not by external threats, right? But there is a hypothesis that we need them... to survive.

Complete and permanent security can lead a community not to prosperity, but to a tragic finale. (American ethologist John Calhoun)

He created a heavenly environment for the mouse population: unlimited food and drink, no predators or disease, ample room for reproduction. After a few generations, they lost interest in life and became extinct. We are not mice, of course, but we also have a lot to think about.

"Escape from stress and overcoming is the 'first death,' the death of the spirit, followed inevitably by the second, the death of the physical body. Risk is always stressful, but also an opportunity to do something innovative."
The only question is how we approach it: with fear or with a willingness to respond to the challenge.
1.9K views17:06
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2023-03-17 11:30:24
We interrupt beautifully.

To get an iron advantage in the dialogue, you have to interrupt the interlocutor, right?!

But to do it as effectively as possible, you should use at least this wording: So you want to say that...?

Get the gist? Try to anticipate your opponent's next words! If you guess it, great. If not, the person you're talking to will have to correct you, and that will distract them from the point of the conversation.

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1.9K views08:30
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