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What is the difference between a channel, a group and a supergroup in Telegram?

The Pavel Durovʼs messenger is characterized by a sufficiently high functionality and a possibility of creating several types of… more →

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Why you need a phone number in Telegram and how to hide it

It is well known that signing in and further authorization in the application is carried out by means of… more →

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Telegram payments: possibilities of the Payment API bot monetizing platform

The appearance of a Telegram bot platform has provoked an explosive growth in the chat-bot programming world. However, no… more →

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Telegram themes – innovations for desktop versions

The latest Telegram desktop version update for Mac, Windows and Linux is characterized by several interesting innovations. Probably, the… more →

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What Telegram is meant for and which are its advantages if compared to other messengers?

Telegram is a comparatively new messenger which does not prevent it from being regarded as a serious competitor to… more →

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Marketing conception and objectives of Telegram

For the majority of people, the concept of a messenger is firstly associated with communication between friends, relatives, colleagues… more →

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How to set up auto-posting in Telegram

Automatic translation of messages between websites, blogs and social networks may be carried out by means of special software…. more →

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Bulk messaging in Telegram: how it works

A message sending to a group of users is a perfect mean of mass communication. As distinguished from lots… more →

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Last Seen status in Telegram: how to assure anonymity of application usage

Telegram users often want to conceal their messenger activity from other people. Although it is impossible to hide your… more →

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Check marks beside messages in Telegram or privacy revisited

An important feature of any messenger is a possibility of not only sending a text, photos, videos and other… more →

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